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DVD pour guitare - John Miller - Jackson Blues Guitar

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John Miller - Jackson Blues Guitar - Couverture

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John Miller

Jackson Blues Guitar

  • Instrumentation : Guitar (Guitare)
  • Matériel : DVD (Region 0)DVD
  • Editeur :
  • No Article :
  • Difficulté : Intermediate
  • Durée : 97 min
  • Date de parution : 2010
  • Langue : English

Informations Complémentaires

  • Description :

    Jackson, Mississippi attracted a host of blues musicians in the period 1910-1940. Many players from small towns made their way to Jackson, which as the capital of Mississippi and a much larger city, held forth the promise of more and better work opportunities, and the possibility of making a living playing music rather than driving a mule or chopping cotton. The Jackson Blues scene was an unusually rich one, stylistically, spanning the gap from the sophisticated Pop blues of Bo Carter to the low-down blues of Rube Lacy and a host of players working between those two extremes.Included on this DVD are transcriptions and teaching of recorded performances from Tommy Johnson, one of the fountainheads of the Mississippi blues, Itta Bena natives Rube Lacy and Ishmon Bracey, with their distinctive vocal head tones and intense playing, the great Geeshie Wiley, a woman who played and sang as strongly as any man, Walter Vinson, guitarist and lead singer for the Mississippi Sheiks, and Bo Carter, a player with a rich chordal vocabulary and Jazzy sound. The songs presented offer a wide range of left and right hand approaches and ways of keeping time and will expand your your ability to play blues, moving far afield from the simple alternating bass.A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD, and contains all of the songs' lyrics as well as transcriptions of the Guitar parts. Also included are the original source recordings from which the transcriptions taught in the lesson were taken.
  • Contenu :

    Lonesome Home Blues (Tommy Johnson)
    Overtime Blues (Walter Vinson)
    Eagles On A Half (Geeshie Wiley)
    Ham Hound Crave (Rube Lacy)
    Four Day Blues (Ishmon Bracey)
    Honey (Bo Carter)

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