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Partition pour musique chorale - The King's Singers - Book of Rounds, Canons and Partsongs

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The King's Singers - Book of Rounds, Canons and Partsongs - Couverture
The King's Singers - Book of Rounds, Canons and Partsongs - Couverture

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The King's Singers

Book of Rounds, Canons and Partsongs

  • Instrumentation : Mixed Choir (SATB) (Chœur mixte (SATB))
  • Matériel : Choral Score (Partition de Chœur)Partition
  • Editeur :
    Hal Leonard
  • No Article :
  • Collection : The King's Singers
  • Nombre de pages : 80
  • Date de parution : 2002
  • Langue : English

Informations Complémentaires

  • Description :

    This delightful collection of 99 rounds, canons and partsongs makes a great introduction to part-singing for groups of all ages. The wide-ranging selections are arranged by categories including English Pre-1700 (Secular), Pre-1700 (Sacred), Post-1700, From Around The World and Wordless Rounds. Compiled by the internationally renowned King's Singers
  • Contenu :

    A Round Of Three Country Dances In One
    Adieu, Sweet Amarillis
    Ah, Poor Bird
    Ah, Robyn, Gentil Robyn
    All Things Shall Perish
    Ave Maria
    Blow Thou Horne, Thou Jolly Hunter
    Christe, Der Du Bist Tang Und Licht
    Christmas Is Coming
    Coffee Canon
    Come Follow
    Come Let Us All A-maying Go
    Dame, Lend Me A Loaf
    De Terra Christus Ascendit
    Dona Nobis Pacem
    Fie, Nay, Prithee, John
    Flow, O My Tears
    Follow Me Quickly
    French Cathedrals
    Freu Duch Des Lebens
    Friends, Forget The Cares
    Happy Be Thou, Heavenly Queen
    Hark! The Bonny Christchurch Bells Ring
    Hava Na Shira
    He That Will An Ale House Keep
    Hey Down A Down
    Hey Ho, Anybody Home
    Hey Ho, To The Greenwood
    Hotaru Koi
    I Gave Her Cakes And I Gave Her Ale
    I Goe Before My Darling
    I Will Not Plead
    If Turn'd Topsy Turvy
    Jack Boy, Ho Boy Newis
    Jesu, Rex Admirabilis
    Joan, Come Kiss Me Now
    Jolly Shepherd
    Jubilate Deo
    Lady, Come Down And See Me
    Little Jack Horner
    Lo Yisa Goi
    Mi Gallo
    My Dame Hath A Lame, Tame Crane
    New Oysters
    Non Nobis, Domine
    Now God Be With Old Simeon
    Now, Robin Lend To Me Thy Bow
    O Lord, Turne Not Away Thy Face
    Oaken Leaves
    Oh Praise The Lord
    Once, Twice, Thrice
    One, Two, Three, Our Number Is Right
    Perche Vezzosi Rai
    Round (Beethoven)
    Round (Demantius)
    Round (Haydn)
    Round (Perti)
    Round (Schubert)
    Round (Telemann)
    Round [Salieri]
    Round 1 (Caldara)
    Round 1 (Mozart)
    Round 2 (Caldara)
    Round 2 (Mozart)
    Round 3 (Caldara)
    Shalom Chaverim
    Since Time So Kind
    Sing We Now Merrily
    Sing With Thy Mouth
    Sing You Now After Me
    Summer Is A-coming In
    Swiftly Flowing Labe
    Tallis' Canon
    Tan Ta Ra Ran Tan Tant
    The Little Bells Of Westminster
    The New Day
    The Owl And The Cuckoo
    The Silver Swan
    There Is A Flower
    There Was An Old Man
    'tis Thus, Thus And Thus
    To Portsmouth
    Turn Again, Whittington
    Under This Stone
    Viva La Musica
    Wake Up Canon
    Welcome, Welcome, Ev'ry Guest
    Well Rung, Tom Boy
    When Jesus Wept
    White Coral Bells
    White Sand And Grey Sand
    Who'll Buy My Roses

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